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Scottish Water's strategic plan

05 February 2020

News Release

The Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS) welcomes the publication of Scottish Water’s Strategic Plan. It is an important first step on the journey the Scottish water industry will have to take to address future challenges. The Commission is pleased that Scottish Water has committed to meet these challenges and to do so efficiently.

Scottish Water’s 2040 deadline to achieve net-zero emissions will require a transformation in its business, with a clear focus on both the long term and on communicating progress to its customers and other stakeholders. As Scottish Water moves forward, it should set out how it plans to achieve its targets and identify milestones that will provide confidence to all stakeholders that progress is on track.

The Commission’s Chief Executive, Alan Sutherland said:
“Scottish Water’s Strategic Plan is a clear statement of the longer term challenges the water industry in Scotland must address. It is only by facing up to these challenges, and putting plans in place to address them, can we ensure the best possible outcome for customers, communities and the environment.”

The Commission will publish its Final Decision Paper later this month. The paper will detail the Commission’s views on Scottish Water’s Strategic Plan and outline the prospects for prices for the 2021-27 regulatory period and beyond.

The Commission will publish its Draft Determination in May 2020, followed by its Final Determination in September 2020.

Notes to editors:
1. WICS is the economic regulator of the Scottish water industry. It works with Scottish Water and others in the water sector to provide assurance and oversight that customers receive high-quality service and value for money.

2. WICS is one of the stakeholders that together are delivering an agreed, common vision for the water sector. The vision is owned by all sector stakeholders and marks a new collaborative way of working between Scottish Water, its regulators and others.

3. Scottish Water’s Strategic Plan ‘A Sustainable Future Together’ is available at

4. The Commission’s Decision Papers for the Strategic Review of Charges are available at

5. The Scottish Government has issued its final consultation on Scottish Ministers’ Objectives and Principles of Charging for 2021-27. This is available at
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