Your bill

Most household customers are billed for water and sewerage charges as part of their Council Tax bill.

We aim to ensure that customers receive best value for money. In November 2014, we published our final determination for the period 2015-21. The determination confirmed that household customers’ bills will increase below the rate of inflation over the six-year period.

At the same time there are record levels of investment to improve drinking water quality and environmental performance in Scotland.

Scottish Water sets out information about each year’s charges in its charges scheme. We check that the scheme complies with the price limits we set for Scottish Water. To find out more about your current charges, visit

We published our final determination for 2021-27 in December 2020. The determination allows Scottish Water to deliver £4.5 billion of investment over the six-year period to meet the challenges of maintaining high-quality services for current and future customers while tackling the impacts of climate change and transitioning to net zero emissions.

The increase in the maximum amount of charges that Scottish Water can levy on its customers each year is set at 2% above inflation on average over the six-year period. This means that no household will see their bill increase by more than £2 a month above inflation in each year. The average bill will increase by less than 80 pence a month – around £9 a year – each year above the rate of inflation. And, while the need for additional investment will mean that bills will likely have to go up over the next six years, in 2027 people will still be paying broadly the same in real terms as they were in 2002.

Scottish Water is being set very demanding efficiency targets to deliver more for less and as Scottish Water is publicly owned, every pound it raises will benefit the customers and communities it serves.