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British Water 

British Water is the lead association for the UK water and wastewater industry, providing members with market information and a forum for discussion. 

Consumer Council for Water

The Consumer Council for Water helps consumers in England and Wales who have tried and failed to resolve an issue with their water company.

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Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS)

CAS is the consumer advocacy body that represents the needs of water customers in Scotland.

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Customer Forum

The Customer Forum was established in November 2011 in order to empower customers in the price setting process through direct engagement with Scottish Water.

Dundee UNESCO Centre

The Centre addresses global water issues with a specific focus on water regulation and security, conflict prevention, and international development.  It does this by building capacity and by its teaching and research.


The Drinking Water Inspectorate is the independent regulator of public water in England and Wales.

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DWQR ensures that drinking water in Scotland is safe to drink. Through a process of inspections and monitoring, DWQR enforce the requirements of the Water Supply (Water Qualty)(Scotland) Regulations 2001.

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Northern Ireland Utility Regulator 

The Utility Regulator is an independent non-ministerial government department set up to ensure the effective regulation of the electricity, gas and water and sewerage industries in Northern Ireland.

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Northern Ireland Water 

Northern Ireland Water is a Government-Owned Company (Go-Co) and provides water and sewerage services to around 1.7 million people in Northern Ireland.

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The economic regulator of the water and sewerage sectors in England and Wales, Ofwat makes sure that the companies provide household and business customers with good quality service and value for money.

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Open Water

The Open Water Programme was set up to support the implementation of the UK Government’s plans to introduce a market in retail water and sewerage services for non-household customers in England.

Scotland on Tap

Gives information about all of the suppliers that are licensed to provide retail services to businesses and public sector organisations in Scotland.

Scottish Water

Provides water and waste water services to households across Scotland and runs the network of pipes, water sources and treatment works. Acts as the wholesaler of water and waste water services for business customers.


The Scottish Environment Protection Agency is responsible for protecting and improving Scotland's unique and beautiful environment. Its work makes Scotland a greener place to live.

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The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman is the final stage for handling complaints that have already been through the provider’s own complaints procedure. Its service is independent and free.

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Water UK 

Represents water and wastewater service suppliers at national and European level and provides a positive framework for the water industry to engage with stakeholders and the public.

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Waterwise is a UK not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation, and is the UK's leading authority on water efficiency.