Price setting 2021-27

We have a statutory duty to promote the interests of customers. One of the main ways in which we promote do this is by setting limits on the charges customers pay for water and sewerage services. This process is called a Strategic Review of Charges (or price review).

We have been preparing for the next review, the Strategic Review of Charges 2021-27 (SRC21), for more than two years. Our preparations have included publishing a suite of papers on the key topics informing the outcome of the review. Later this year we will publish an update to our views on the prospects for future prices.

Our decisions will help inform Scottish Water’s co-created Strategic Plan, which is due to be published towards the end of 2019.   

In February 2020 we will set out any changes to our thinking following our review of Scottish Water’s Strategic Plan. We will publish our Draft and Final Determinations later next year.

For this review we have adopted the principles of Ethical Based Regulation. We are committed to conducting a fully transparent and collaborative price review process.