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WICS responds to Scottish Government's proposals on economic regulation

28 February 2013

WICS responds to Scottish Government's proposals on economic regulation 

John Swinney, Finance Minister, today published a discussion document on the approach to economic regulation were Scotland to vote for independence. 

The future of economic regulation in Scotland is a matter for government. However, WICS welcomes the recognition in Mr Swinney’s announcement of the strength of the regulatory framework in Scotland’s water industry which has empowered Scottish Water to deliver real benefits for Scotland’s consumers and businesses, and for Scotland's environment. We are confident that the regulatory framework in water could provide a strong platform on which to build.

Alan Sutherland, CEO of the Water Industry Commission for Scotland said:

"If the Scottish Government were to decide to establish a multi-utility regulator, WICS could represent a useful foundation given its experience in regulating Scottish Water efficiently and effectively."



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Note to editors:


The Water Industry Commission for Scotland is the economic regulator of the Scottish water industry. It promotes the interests of water and sewerage customers by making sure they receive a high-quality service and value for money.

It does this by: setting prices, monitoring Scottish Water’s performance, and facilitating competition in the water industry.

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