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Regulator publishes report on Scottish Water's performance

13 December 2011

The Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS) today published its annual report on Scottish Water’s performance. This provides an overall rating for each of the eight main areas that affect outcomes for water and sewerage customers and the environment.

Alan Sutherland, Chief Executive of WICS said: "We are pleased to report that Scottish Water has achieved a rating of ‘on track’ or better in all eight areas. This is in spite of difficult external conditions that include unusually severe winter weather, higher than expected inflation and a substantial increase in local authority rates.”

Performance is assessed against Scottish Water’s Delivery Plan projections. In 2010-11 the company outperformed its projections in the areas of delivering the 2010-15 investment programme, levels of service to customers, leakage reduction, investment costs, borrowing and financial strength.

Mr Sutherland added: “Scottish Water has made a good start this year. This bodes well for the next four years, when the company expects to improve its efficiency further, continue to increase its service levels, and deliver all of the drinking water and environmental improvements required by the Scottish Ministers. Standards are already high, so the challenge is considerable.”


For more press information please contact: Mike Davies, College Hill, 020 7457 2020 or on mobile

07527 348536 [email protected]     

Katherine Russell, WICS’ Director of Corporate Affairs, 01786 430 200

Notes to editors:

1. WICS is the economic regulator of the Scottish water industry. It promotes the interests of water and sewerage customers by making sure they receive a high-quality service and value for money.

2. The Performance Report is available in full here. It covers 2010-11, the first year of the five-year regulatory control period 2010-15.

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