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Water Competition Hots Up in Scotland as Fourth Licence Application Received

21 February 2008

News Release 03/2008
One of the largest water companies in England has applied to the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS) to become the fourth licensed water and sewerage operator when the new competition framework takes effect on April 1.


Osprey Water Services, part of the Anglian Water Group, will join Business Stream, Aquavitae, and Satec, offering its own range of retail pricing and services to the 130,000 business customers in Scotland. WICS expects to give its initial view on the application within the next week.


The new competition framework  in Scotland is a world first in the provision of water and sewerage services.


Alan Sutherland, WICS’ chief executive said: “We are delighted that a company with the backing of a major utility player such as the Anglian Water Group, has submitted an application.


Customers are now likely to benefit from real choice.  They will be able to choose from a range of suppliers both major industry players, and smaller, more specialist companies.  No longer will Scotland operate a “one size fits all” approach to the supply of water and sewerage provision.


With only six weeks to go before the change takes effect, the new framework is already showing signs of benefiting Scottish customers “

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