Future Prices

We determined the prices that Scottish Water can charge its customers over the period 2010-15 in our final determination, which we published in November 2009.

The review brought good news for customers, with a freeze on charges for households in both 2010-11 and 2011-12, and charges kept below inflation until 2015. The default tariffs that are available for all business customers will also remain below inflation through to 2015.

We are also challenging Scottish Water to:
•    improve customer service, so that it matches or betters the service currently provided by the top performing companies in England and Wales;
•    become more efficient; and
•    deliver all of the charging and investment objectives of the Scottish Government.
Scottish Water's Delivery Plan sets out how it will deliver its objectives for the period 2010-15 within the financing allowed for in our final determination, and indicates the timescales and milestones for delivery. We are monitoring performance against delivery of these milestones.

We are now planning for the next price review, when charges are set for the period beyond 2015. Our aim is to simplify the regulatory system and encourage greater customer participation in decision-making. We set out our initial thoughts on encouraging customer participation in a leaflet ‘Putting customers at the centre of the price review process’, and are discussing the issues further with customer representatives and Scottish Water. We have also developed a ‘ready-reckoner’ that illustrates the impacts of new investment on future bills.