Final Determination 2015-21

Our Final Determination for 2015-21 brought good news for customers and the prices that they can expect to pay;

For household customers:
  • Scottish Water will be permitted to increase its charges by no more than CPI minus 1.8% over the period 2015-21.
  • Between 2015-16 and 2017-18, Scottish Water’s charges will increase by 1.6% per year in nominal terms (in other words, irrespective of inflation).
  • This means that typical household bills will increase by £5 or less each year.
For business customers:
  • Scottish Water will be permitted to increase its wholesale charges at no more than CPI - 0.3% per year over the period 2015-21.
  • The default maximum retail tariffs that retailers can charge non-household customers will be frozen in nominal terms in each year of the regulatory control period.

We also challenged Scottish Water to:
  • Improve customer service to be placed among the leading UK utilities for customer satisfaction;
  • Become more efficient; and
  • Deliver all of the charging and investment objectives of the Scottish Government.

Further Reading

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