Customer service

Customers must be confident that the service they receive meets their needs and expectations on quality and value for money.

We monitor and report on Scottish Water’s customer service performance in providing service to customers and set targets for improvement. For this work we use a points-based system, the overall performance assessment (OPA). The OPA encompasses aspects of service that are most important to customers, such as the speed with which customer enquiries are dealt with and the risk of sewer flooding.

Since 2002, Scottish Water's OPA score has more than tripled, increasing from 132 to 397 in 2013-14. This means that Scottish Water’s customer service is now comparable with performance by leading water companies in England and Wales

In addition to our monitoring of the OPA, customers in Scotland are protected by Guaranteed Minimum Standards. These are minimum standards that Scottish Water must meet, and which customers have a right to expect. Scottish Water is also required to adhere to a Code of Practice on customer standards. This covers customer service, complaints handling and compensation for service failures.