Launching our Annual Report

Yesterday we launched the Commission’s Annual Report for 2010-11. The event was well attended and there was a good range of questions from organisations such as the RSPB, Scottish Building Federation, finance professionals and academics. Hopefully we were able to demonstrate to our stakeholders that Scottish Water continues to improve its function and that we continue to challenge Scottish Water to do better.

Looking forward, there are challenges.

Can we extend the successful introduction of choice for non-household customers south of the border? We believe that this will bring further benefits to customers in Scotland and are pleased that the Scottish Government has recognised the importance of such a move. We continue to work hard to explain what we have done in Scotland, deal with the myths that have inevitably arisen and set out a clear vision for what we are trying to achieve and why.

It will also be critical that Scottish Water is able to borrow the money that it will need to deliver the improvements for customers, the environment and in public health that have been promised. Our report notes that no borrowing will be available for the current financial year but trusts that this will be made up during the remainder of the regulatory control period.

We have also reduced our costs substantially during the past year and our move to a smaller and more centrally located office will also see a reduction in our carbon footprint.

About Alan

Alan Sutherland

I’ve been Chief Executive of the Water Industry Commission for Scotland since its establishment in July 2005. Prior to that I was the Water Industry Commissioner for Scotland having been appointed to that role by Scottish Ministers in November 1999. In 1998 and 1999 I was a managing director of Wolverine CIS Ltd, a division of Wolverine World Wide. Prior to that I worked in strategic consultancy with Bain and Company and in the investment banking industry with Robert Fleming and Company.